Raise money via Gift Donations?

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Raise money via Gift Donations?

Postby dogsolitude_uk » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:11 am

This may be in the wrong forum, apologies if so!
This last Christmas folks kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I explained I was actually trying to get rid of stuff and so really did not want any 'things', but suggested that if anyone felt so inclined a little donation to The Woodland Trust or one of my other favoured charities would be very nice.
This morning it occurred to me that it would have been nice for them to have donated to Linux Mint *facepalm*.
Many organisations have a 'Gift donations' function where a friend or family member can, for example donate to a worthy cause on someone else's behalf. So, for example, my brother could have donated €25 to Linux Mint instead of buying me some DVDs or whatever: he donates, I'd get an email or a virtual Christmas card telling me what he's done, and my fave Linux distro gets some support.
Would it be possible for you guys to set something like that up?
In any case: I found a workaround and donated the Euro equivalent of the cash gifts I got, it's not a huge hill of beans, but it should pay for coffee and doughnuts. :)

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