Sharing files across access points... [SOLVED]

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Sharing files across access points... [SOLVED]

Postby Fugazi » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:40 am


I have wifi downstairs which doesn't reach upstairs.
I'm going to send the network upstairs with a powerline adapter.
I have more than one machine upstairs, including the box that contains all my files (so many files!).
I have a TP-LINK range extender that can work as a range extender by picking up wifi and forwarding, or as an access point by connecting via Ethernet.
I want to connect the TP-LINK to the powerline adapter upstairs (because the wifi is too weak to pick up and 'extend') to provide wifi upstairs.
I have mint machines, other Ubuntu-based systems, a Windows XP box (not my fault), phones (Android) and tablets (android) connecting to the system.

How do I share my files across the 2 access points (and thus 2 network SSIDs?) like I currently can across my single network?

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Re: Sharing files across access points...

Postby wayne128 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:44 am

You can do these to share ALL devices.

1. Downstair, setup the router to works as master wireless router, accessing directly to internet

2. Pair up the two TP Link powerline units at downstair.

3. On first TP Link powerline unit, connect ethernet cable to a LAN port of the master wireless router.

4. Upstair
Plug in second powerline unit, test to see that it link to downstair, using TP Link standard procedure

5. Set up the upstair wireless access point to work as wireless access point.
meaning NO DHCP
and since it is linked (via powerline units) to downstair master wireless router, any device will be assigned IP address from downstair's DHCP)

6. plug in ethernet cable linking TP Link powerline unit to WAN port of the upstair wireless access point

7. when these are all working, you should have all devices in the same subnet of the home network.

IN summary, one works as router downstair, another works as access point upstair.

Wireless router >>>>>powerline unit 1+>+>+>+>+>+powerline unit2<<<<<upstair wireless access point.

hope it helps

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Re: Sharing files across access points...

Postby Fugazi » Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:21 pm

Thanks, absolutely spot on, but I'm not going to tell anyone you solved it (just so I can claim the win)...

...oh, ok, the above guy rules.

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