Is the there any way to update drivers automatically?

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Is the there any way to update drivers automatically?

Postby meylisn » Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:30 pm

Happy New Year, everybody!
So, I've just installed linux mint 14 mate edition successfully, but some drivers don't work properly. My touchpad, for instance, is a lot slower than on win 7 even though I put it on the maximum on the mouse settings. Also, couldn't find "advanced" settings for my touchpad. All it offers on mouse settings is basic stuff like speed etc.

Is there anyway I can update all the necessary drivers through wifi automatically or do i have to do it manually (I mean should I find the driver for each device and set up one by one)?

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Re: Is the there any way to update drivers automatically?

Postby lahirdenganselamat » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:47 pm

If your hardware is linux-friendly, its supposed to be just work, no need to install/upgrade driver. Say about video card, intel normally just work, but nvidia and ati need additional driver to be installed if want a better performance. I think most of the driver is available on repo (like fglrx, broadcom wifi) so it will be auto-upgrade if the package on repo is upgraded.

IF your specific hardware can't work nicely, try open synaptic first and put the hardware name on search box, if there's no package available for install, time to google :D

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