Linux Mint 14 from Live USB Impossibly Slow

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Linux Mint 14 from Live USB Impossibly Slow

Postby iindigo » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:11 pm


I am having trouble installing Mint 14 and I need the issue resolved as soon as possible (this machine is my main work machine and clients are waiting on me).

When I boot from a Mint live USB created with unetbootin, imagewriter, or dd (they all produce the same results), it boots to the desktop successfully but the installer is impossibly slow - many times slower than the optical drive. Also, once the installer is nearly complete, it crashes.

How can I fix this? Please note that the optical drive is not an option because the drive on this machine does not like my older burned DVDs and I cannot burn any new discs since the LiveCD does not have drivers to allow this machine to burn DVDs with Brasero.

Please help. I need Linux on this machine for my work as soon as possible and I would greatly, greatly prefer to use Mint but if I can't get this working I will need to look to other distributions.


Re: Linux Mint 14 from Live USB Impossibly Slow

Postby thegreatgazoo » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:28 am

Usually the first step i do when things seem weird with a live CD or USB is check the .iso. I have had a few corrupted downloads that still mostly work, but little things seem to be going wrong. I would not bother troubleshooting anything until you could confirm that your .iso is perfect.

There is a number called md5 on the download page for mint.
You can perform a md5 check on the file you have. If the numbers don't match exactly, then you have a bad copy. Download again and check again before using.

In Linux you can check the image via the command line with the following command:
md5sum linuxmint.iso
Of course the name of the. Iso needs to match what you actually have.

You can also install "gtkhash" from the repositories to get a GUI tool that checks md5 for you. Once installed, it's in the accessories menu.

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