What is Ubuntu Doing to drive them here?

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Re: What is Ubuntu Doing to drive them here?

Postby nomko » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:25 am

KBD47 wrote:
xenopeek wrote:Upgrade in place has 20% failure rate, which is why Linux Mint doesn't recommend you play "upgrade roulette". Clean install next time to upgrade to a newer release? :wink:

I'm not talking about an upgrade, but a regular set of updates that broke Unity.

Most commonly heard advise on the Dutch Ubuntu forum of very, very experienced (cough...cough...) Ubuntu users:
Wait till the next point release of Ubuntu. Then a lot of bugs will be fixed!.
If that helps. Like you're going to the car dealer to by the latest model of VW Golf and the salesman is telling you to wait a few years untill the next model is coming to the showroom for sale since that model will be much better than the one he's got standing in the showroom now!
But then again, i know this forum as a "try this, try that" forum that doesn't provide users with a proven and workable advise...

And i had similar experiences with Ubuntu/Unity. getting unstable and unreliable after updating the system. I hope that Canonical will fix this issue for Ubuntu cause it's an anoying thing when you start using Ubuntu+Unity as new Linux user. You expect a lot from it, heard from others it's a stable and secure system, and at the end the updates breaks down your whole new installation!

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