More fun with Avant Window Navigator -- Quitting

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More fun with Avant Window Navigator -- Quitting

Postby MintRainbow » Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:11 am

If you wish to do it yourself, read on! Otherwise, download this and extract to / (File system) as (sudo) root.
If you want to repack the contents as an installable deb (say, awn-applet-mate-quit.deb), then feel free to do it.

While many people would consider MintMenu sufficient at quit and logoff tasks, for some time I figured out how to get the quit buttons to work. Remember before when I was talking about how much a GNOME program AWN was? Yeah. that -- Once again this was a somewhat-simple case of making the quit applets call on MATE's routines instead of GNOME's.

So first thing's first, we have to dictate to the other applets what to do, as they're coded to rely on a single application, so in a terminal, do sudo pluma /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/quit/, access "Find & Replace" and replace gnome with mate. That's it. But you're not done, if you don't wish to overwrite the original code. is called upon by the following applets:

Code: Select all


If you are so inclined to, you can modify these files and re-save them with different names to make them show up in the AWN applets dialog;

Code: Select all

03 | Name=Quit-Log Out applet
26 | X-AWN-AppletExec=quit/
27 | Icon=application-exit

Line 3 is the name as shown in AWN -- Indicate to yourself somehow this is for MATE.
Line 26 is where it calls the quit routine from. If you're re-saving these as MATE-exclusive applets, then most likely you'll have saved it to represent it's for MATE, i.e.
Line 27 is for the icon. I chose the icon for MATE, via filepath as the visual indicator it's for MATE. Though inelegant, it works.
Packagers, it might do you justice to modify the icon location to the reference point instead of the long path to the icon -- I didn't know what it was!

That's it. The same story goes for the rest.

Code: Select all

03 | Name=Lock Screen
44 | X-AWN-AppletExec=quit/ --lockscreen
45 | Icon=system-lock-screen


Code: Select all

03 | Name=Log Out...
31 | X-AWN-AppletExec=quit/ --logout
32 | Icon=system-log-out


Code: Select all

03 | Name=Shut Down...
34 | X-AWN-AppletExec=quit/ --shutdown
35 | Icon=system-shutdown

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