Unredirect fullscreen windows now working in compiz 9.8.6

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Unredirect fullscreen windows now working in compiz 9.8.6

Postby aac74 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:56 pm

Just recently updated to compiz in mint 14 xfce.
Think the update was via backports repo ?

for the first time the 'Unredirect fullscreen windows' option (in composite plugin) seems to work perfectly.
(also requires the regex plugin to be turned on).

I've tested with intel hd3000 and nvidia 610 hardware (310 driver) and both seem to work great.

The 'Unredirect fullscreen windows' option is now on by default and the 'unredirect match' string lists all video players and browser plugins/flash as exceptions.
Before the 'Unredirect fullscreen windows' option was useless because one of the main reasons to run compiz was video performance (stop tearing) and this turned compositing off for fullscreen video.

Thus I'm getting perfect non tearing full screen video at the same time as maximum fullscreen openGL performance with compiz.
No need to turn compiz off via fusion icon to play games !

I've been waiting years for this. I assume its happened now because compiz can't be turned off in unity and steam needs better ubuntu performance ?

Has anyone else noticed this update ? Seems like a big step forwards.

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Re: Unredirect fullscreen windows now working in compiz 9.8.

Postby jediafr » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:26 am

Thanks aac74 for your post, it was really interesting to read.

I had the same pb related to compiz slowing down my gaming (wine & steam).
It took sooo long to fix it that i inquired to find out that there's only one dev for compiz at Canonical.
The poor soul must be working 150% on Unity as well.

Hopefully i'll get the update when Canonical decides that LTS is deemable for a backport (thanksfully Valve is pushing hard as it is the baseline for their Steam client).

PS : I got the update but strangely in compiz 9.7.6 ( according to the chagelogs).

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