mount and unmount android phone in Linux Mint 13 KDE

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mount and unmount android phone in Linux Mint 13 KDE

Postby donec » Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:42 pm

The Webupd8 method
didn't work just right for me so I made some modifications some others finding this thread may find helpful.

First I did as Webupd8 said but when it came to using the Unity script I could not find it. So I created 2 scripts (in my user directory with permissions for my user) called

Code: Select all

go-mtpfs /media/MyAndroid


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fusermount -u /media/MyAndroid

made them both executable and then dragged them to my unlocked toolbar creating a widget link. Then created an image of a Nexus 4 and an image of a nexus 4 with a red not symbol on it. Changed the widgets icons and locked the toolbar. Result is when I click on one it mounts my Nexus 4 and the other un-mounts my Nexus 4. Works for me.
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