linux locks files&folders for use in windows 7 (dual boot)

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linux locks files&folders for use in windows 7 (dual boot)

Postby wolf1_o » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:31 am


I recently installed mint cinnamon (latest version), and solved most of the post install issues, but one remains: files I created in the Linux environment and saved on the windows hard drives can't be accessed, modified or erased!
For instance: I created some snapshots I need (png files), saved them in two places in the win system drive, on the desktop and also created a designated folder along with the files. In both places I can see the files, but when trying to open them the picture viewer is saying that the location is not available. Also when trying to delete them or the folder it's not possible.
I also did some test: renamed some file on a different hard drive, and then I couldn't delete it from the windows environment.
Someone mentioned that I need to scan the disk (that's it's not a faulty disk or something but that the Linux has to fix something maybe?) but the Linux itself (under the pref.->disks) says that my disks are OK.
Would greatly appreciate some recommendation to solve this problem.


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Re: linux locks files&folders for use in windows 7 (dual boo

Postby jungle_boy » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:57 pm

Try to changes permissions in flies/folders properties.

Right click on file/folder>properties>permissions tab>Group access: choose Read&Write; in Others choose too Read&Write. Close.

Try again open via windows.

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Re: linux locks files&folders for use in windows 7 (dual boo

Postby DrHu » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:20 pm

You could, if you want to check it a bit more compare acl settings Linux vs Windows (they are not exactly the same)
--and only for interest, since you can probably get a setting within Linux that allows the deletion of the file(s) within the windows OS (even although it uses an acl control for its own files..) ... -with-acl/

General acl file settings.. ... .acls.html

The acl control available on Linux may not be that great, if you use the version based on Linux permissions (posix compatible), there are later versions of file acl for NFS, that are more complete/compatible ?

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