Mint installation suddenly very sluggish.

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Mint installation suddenly very sluggish.

Postby LostNoob » Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:28 pm

First off, I'm sorry if this had been posted elsewhere I did google the problem first but could not find any solution or similar problem.
I use linux mint 13 mate, 64bit.
Anyway, I booted up my PC about two hours ago and it seemed to take longer than normal to boot, one It started everything just seemed sluggish and I have to wait ages for everything to open, for example chrome took about a minute to open, normally it opens in less than a second.
Other problems include freezing when right clicking for example copying and pasting and so on, (spell check as well, sorry about the spelling)
Basicly it's usable but very sluggish like an old windows ME pc.
What is strange though is that the operating system is using hardly any CPU or RAM so I don't know whats happening, I have bad feeling it might be my hard drive on the blink.
I'll try post my PC's specs at some point as well as it may help but right now I can't even click on the applications menu.

EDIT* It appears to be my mouse causing the problem somehow, not sure why but I tried using it on my dads PC and got the same issues, so the solution appears to be getting a new mouse.
No idea how a mouse can mess up a PC but taking the mouse out seems to work, now to install Xmonad and Vimium, so yeh problem solved.
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Re: Mint installation suddenly very sluggish.

Postby xenopeek » Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:15 pm

If you haven't done so already, try installing the package gnome-disk-utility. You'll find the application Disks afterwards in your Accessories menu. Start that, and you can use it access the SMART data of your hard disk and perform basics benchmarks. But perhaps installing is risky right now, if the hard disk is indeed failing, so suggest instead you boot from your Linux Mint installation DVD / USB stick, and install it on there (which will install it temporarily in memory, not on your hard disk) and run it from there to do these tests on your hard disks.

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Re: Mint installation suddenly very sluggish.

Postby homerscousin » Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:35 am

I hope it is just the mouse. And, yes, mice and keyboards can do some whacky things. Especially after you have dropped them several times or tossed the keyboard in the dish washer and not let it thoroughly dry.
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