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forum submit problem

Postby eoakes » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:01 pm

I submitted a problem report in Installation & Boot Install of mint 14.1 Mate fails . I tried to attach the syslog files from running the installation and from the attempted boot of the installed system.

The first submit of the the thread is now displayed, but the files I attempted to attach are not there. I found where there are restriction on who can attach files. I must not be allowed that privilege.

I then attempted to cut and paste those files' content into a reply to my first post. When I submit the reply post, I get a message that my message contain no characters. I then get a reply form with an empty message.

The syslog files have a huge number of lines! Is there a limit on the number of lines in a submitted message? If the limit is exceded, will the returned message say "No charecters"?

I believe that having access to the syslog files would be a big help in trying to figure out why I am getting the installation error I describe.

Is there any way I can get the syslog file contents included with the thread?

Tom Oakes
Tom Oakes

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Re: forum submit problem

Postby xenopeek » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:56 pm

The forum does not provide for attaching text files. Various options; if it is a file of a 1000 or less lines, you can put the contents on and share the link on your post (for more than a 1000 lines, I gather you have to have a paid account with them). That is most commonly done for larger texts. Another option is you create an archive with the logfile in it; you can attach archives, or you can upload them on a file hoster if too big.

But if you can, try to reduce the file to the relevant section. If your problem occurred at 11:05, no need to include the logging from 11:03 or earlier for example. Usually you can capture the relevant bit in a 100 lines or less, which you could insert on your post inside code tags. (I'd recommend you put output from the terminal also inside code tags; make your post more readable.)

Be reasonable in your expectations also; if you are going to add a log of more than a 1000 lines--do you really expect others here, that are spending their free time helping, to wade through that?

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