No Internet, Wlan is active

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No Internet, Wlan is active

Postby Sarek » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:12 am


excuse my bad english.

I am a new Linux User and have very less experience.
The last weeks i loved Linux Mint. I have a Asus Ee PC and the Windows 7 Starter Edition which is installed there, is so slow..
Linux Mint changed it in a big way. I works fine!

But now:
For some Reason i cant go to internet via Browser, even if the Wlan is activated and connected.
I got 3 PC which connect to WLAN at home. 2 of them are working, 1 (Linux / Windows PC ) only, if i use windows.

The funny thing is, that this iussue is not there all the time.
When i travel and take the linux pc with me, i normally can join wlan.
When i am back at home, for some reason, firefox is working again. But only to the point, when another pc connects the internet.
Then firefox does not work anymore. (Even, if the other pc is shut down).

I tried

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sudo apt-get remove resolvconf

but the problem is still there.

Please let me know, which data / information you need, to solve the problem.
Thank you very much!!

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Re: No Internet, Wlan is active

Postby jungle_boy » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:26 pm

Open terminal:

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inxi -N

Post here the output.

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