Software Raid Support in Installation Time

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Software Raid Support in Installation Time

Postby asterus » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:49 pm

Hello there. I am currently a happy user of Mint, but this week not so happy.

I've bought a new HD and I really would like to install Mint with SoftRaid support. I've searched A LOT. But Mint support to SoftRaid is absolutelly terrible, or better, none. Ubuntu and specially CentOS is a looonnnggg way better... I just would like to use softraid with Mint, but it is really hard. And you don't have to search a lot at this forum to check that is a recorrent problem. I understand that both Mint and Ubuntu uses Ubiquity to install the OS, but it is strange... the ubuntu version appears to be so easy to set software raids..

So, my suggestion is, the Mint installation should deal (really) better with softraid, specially raid0 and raid1 (and, if possible, fakeRaid).

I think that I'm not good enough on low level programming to do this, but the idea appears to be good... at least for me.

Thanks you all for everything, Mint rulez!

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