restart of windows server required

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restart of windows server required

Postby Ondo » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:01 pm

I like my new Linux Mint XFCE but I frequently encounter a problem: Windows suddenly cannot be brought to front by a mouse click and become the window that receives keystrokes. I googled and found a tip - just type
xfwm4 --replace
in the Terminal and the Windows server wakes up again. The tip works, but there is a catch-22: If there isn't a Terminal window in front already that will receive keystrokes, then pulling the plug and loosing whatever is unsaved is the only option. Since I can find a description of the phenomenon, plus the tip, on the web, I do not suppose that it is a quirk with my computer, but rather an XFCE bug that I really hope that the XFCE-team would deal with.

Thanks many times,


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Re: restart of windows server required

Postby grimdestripador » Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:11 am

Ondo uses XFCE as his window manager.
He found that command 'xfwm4 --replace' fixes the problem when it intermitantly acts up.

Hint: Use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a terminal TTY1. Type your command xfwm4 --replace, then use Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return.
Hint2: Don't EVER PULL your power plug. Learn REISUB, you will never need to pull your power again. REISUB is a sequence of key pressings which will save your hardware from harm of pulling the plug.

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