Chromium jumps monitors

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Chromium jumps monitors

Postby teacher_jeff » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:44 pm

Mint 14.1 Cinnamon. Dell laptop with Intel HD 4000 graphics. Old Samsung external monitor (set as secondary). Most applications work correctly.

1. I start Chromium and maximize on primary (laptop) monitor.
2. I quit Chromium.
3. I restart Chromium.
4. Chromium restarts, maximized, on primary (laptop) monitor, which is expected behavior.
5. When I type a character into Chromium address bar (as if I were beginning to enter a URL), Chromium immediately jumps to external (secondary) monitor, still maximized.

This happens consistently, not intermittently.

When I google, I get one or two reports of similar behavior, but not enough information to help me resolve the issue. (Or to confirm that it's just a known strange behavior that I need to get used to, which would also be okay, if annoying.)

Any suggestions? (I'm new at Mint.)


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Re: Chromium jumps monitors

Postby dixonstalbert » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:16 am


I have same problem running nvidia twinview. I found this solution this morning and it seems to be working:

(I deleted some steps which were specific to the problem on that thread- original is here:!topic/chrome/1UODv0WYzWE )

Code: Select all

2 - Close all your web browsers.

3 - Open Chrome.

4 - When Chrome opens, it should open maximized click on Restore Down ( that's the button between Minimize and Close in the top right corner).

6 - Now drag and resize your window to the position you like, ( note. do not click on the Maximize button, otherwise it wont work)

7 - Close your browser
8 - Open your browser again, it should be in the position where you dragged it and resized it, now when you do CTRL + N it should open very close to your position.

Good luck!

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