making backup image

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making backup image

Postby smileyjr71 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:13 pm

How do i make a disk image so i can restore from it later and or install on new computer
i am using linux mint 14 KDE
please help thank you

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Re: making backup image

Postby wayne128 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:54 pm

typical method
1. remastersys
2. fsarchiver
3. clonezilla
4. gparted
I used gparted to copy, paste OS partition , follow by install boot loader.

google key words and read them over internet to see which one you like to use.

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Re: making backup image

Postby Orbmiser » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:59 am

I like REDO Backup same engine as Clonezilla under the hood.
And a lot easier to use and understand than the more powerful brothers with more features set that I don't need or use.

Example backup saved to External Usb Drive.
Main Full Backup: 5 partitions - Win7,Winxp,Linux mint / "root" /home swap.
grub , /, /home, swap are on sda5,6,7 after installed distro has been setup with my installed apps,settings,prefs,etc. or any major changes then I do a backup of only sda5,6,7 Mint 14 to it's own folder also.

Now when I want to install another distro to try out beyond LiveCD than can do a clean install to those 3 partitions and ready to use distro. Then can also backup that distro once I have installed and setup to use. Want to go back to my Mint. Then do a restore to just those 3 partitions and back to Mint 14 cinnamon in 20 mins. The whole time using the same partitions and Do not change the partition sizes use the default size and I use the something else to make sure root /home swap go to those 3 partitions during install. I don't trust automatically installers that do it for you.

So far have backups of Ubuntu 12.10,Fuduntu,Voyager 12.10 xfce and one Full backup including the Win7,Winxp & Mint 14 partitions. And can switch to any in less than 30 mins. if I choose to do so.

I also back up main ongoing Mint 14 Cinnamon once a month and delete the older archive. So main distro remains fresh with latest changes and added programs.

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