VmWare 9.0.1 is AWESOME !

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VmWare 9.0.1 is AWESOME !

Postby raymerjacque » Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:43 pm

Ive been using virtualbox for a long time, since Mint 11 or was it 12 ? i cant even remember thats how long ive been using it. I used it because at the time when i read reviews and comparisons virtualbox was said to be faster than Vmware and parallels and it is free.

HOWEVER, i got my hands on a legal version of Vmware 9.0.1 for linux through an IT/linux friend of mine and thought i would give it a bash, O boy was i pleasantly surprised. here is my findings :

Virtualbox 4.1.18:
I use it mainly for photoshop, coffeeshop, running apache, mysql, codeblocks and so forth.
It simulates a 256mb Emulated GFX card and i could never get it to play movies smoothly in anything other than windows media player ( and i hate WMP ) and even then it had issues.
I used Windows 8 in virtual machine it runs quite well, faster than xp but can at times feel little lagging.
Assigned 3GB ram to VPC, switched off VT-X and also set to single core ( this is due to virtualbox bugs with vt-x and multi core cpu's )
Cant game for crap, even card games lag in virtualbox.

Vmware 9.0.1:
Simulates a vmware SVGA gfx card with 896mb Dedicated ram, shader model 3, Dx 9.0c and opengl 2.1 with a further 700mb shared Ram to give total GFX ram of 1596MB
It Scored 5.9 in Windows index rating under GFX
Runs movies smoothly in every media player i have tried including tridef 3D player, and this also streaming over a wireless network.
Windows 8 runs like a dream, no issues, no lag spikes, assigned 3GB ram, 2 cores and set VT-X to Auto ( enabled )
I was able to run a 3D benchmark program ( Aquamark 3 - its the only one i had lying around ) , set everything to max, pixel shaders, anti aliasing etc etc and scored 23000 points ( its similar score to Geforce 6800 or ATI 9800pro )
The shader model 3, opengl 2.1 and dx 9.0c is also similar to both those cards.

Anyway, as a result im sitting here beating myself over the head wondering why the hell i did not try VmWare earlier.... I havnt tried any games, but im pretty sure alot of my older titles will run, possible even titles like oblivion ( might need the "oldblivion patch" ), free lancer etc etc ... I am not a hard core gamer and i have a few favorite titles that i still like to play now and then.

In a nutshell, i just thought i would share my findings, Ill install some titles over the next few days when i get time and post my findings :)
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