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Steam Login - Better Steam For Linux Performance

Postby anandrkris » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:35 am

Sharing an interesting link I came across - An extract from the article below for your interest.

Steam Login is a package that you can use in Ubuntu or Linux Mint to login directly to Steam BigPicture mode from the login screen.

This is useful because it doesn't load a whole desktop environment, resulting in more resources being available (there's also no composite manager running) for Steam and the games available for it.

I have Nvidia Optimus Gpx card with bumblebee installed. The login works fine though i had nagging issues in launching the Team Fortress 2 after login directly from steam. It requires some scripts though the suggested script runs fine from terminal when it is invoked from steam it does not start the game and throwing an error.

Update - ... 733804503/ - Looks like
Steam has implemented Optimus support and games can be invoked by setting the launch options in Properties with optirun %command% or primusrun %command%

Update 1 - Got TF@ working by setting the below in launch properties. No clue, how this fixes the issue.

Code: Select all

If there is a drive, there will be a path

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