Screen flickering problem when left on for long time

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Screen flickering problem when left on for long time

Postby Tafhim » Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:49 pm

I'm using Linux MInt 14 KDE
My graphics card is Intel and I updated the drivers using the X-Updates repo. Everything is well and good, even better than Cinnamon / MATE. But there's this annoying problem that I can't find any solution to it.
Whenever I leave the laptop on for a long time (~1 hour) and after that try to use it, the moment I move the mouse / press the keyboard the screen starts to show all sorts of flickerings. For sometime, it just stayed around 1 minute. But today it wasn't going away at all.

To avoid the temporary flickering, I had to lock the screen whenever I left. That stopped the screen from flickering when I got back.
But if I don't do that and just close the lid (put the monitor down) and later on put it back up the second I try to do something the screen starts to jump (flicker)

So, today when It wasn't coming up at all from that flickering, I had to use Alt+Clrl+F2 and access the root shell and use a "pkill Xorg" and then "startservice Xorg".
But as expected it took all the running apps away. :(

Is there a solution for this?? Please confirm. Otherwise I'll have to drop back to 13 (Maya)

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Re: Screen flickering problem when left on for long time

Postby jgrosjean » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:11 pm

I had the same annoyance. I have Nvidia video and it went away when I removed the default video driver and installed the Nvidia one.

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