F1-F12 keys behaving as though Fn key is pressed

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F1-F12 keys behaving as though Fn key is pressed

Postby reverseinverse » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:07 am

Hi, new to this forum. I've searched for this issue and can't see anything, but apologies if it's a duplicate. I consider this issue to be trivial but maybe it points toward something more serious.

I'm running Nadia 64-bit on a Lenovo U410 i7. I've switched off Optimus and some special Intel storage solution in BIOS and for the most part Mint has been running very well for a few months, I have that hanging copy to USB dialog issue that others have mentioned, but I hear that'll be sorted soon enough...

My Issue:

Pressing any of the F1-F12 keys results in their special function being activated... Pressing F1 mutes sound, F2 lowers volume etc... These functions should only be executed when the Fn key is held down...

Before someone suggests I have a sticky Fn key :), when I hold down the Fn key and press one of the F1-F12 keys, the normal F1-F12 functionality is triggered...

So, for example, if I want to press F11 to step into a line of source code in MonoDevelop, I have to press Fn+F11... And if I want to lower the screen brightness, I just press F11... I wonder does this boil down to a single bool somewhere :)


Re: F1-F12 keys behaving as though Fn key is pressed

Postby thegreatgazoo » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:21 am

This is usually a bios setting, not an operating system setting. Have you checked that yet?

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