Laptop ignition key

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Laptop ignition key

Post by zacharysonicfast » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:33 pm

I want to make a laptop ignition key whereby the laptop is 100% inaccessible without the usb drive and a password.

Inaccessible means that the hard drive is encrypted totally and if necessary, the usb drive (ignition key) is too.

I do not want to use lastpass.

Is there a way to install mint (13, 64bit, kde) in such a way so as to do what I propose?

If so, please post a text file attachment (link) on how to do this.

Locking the hard drive via BIOS/CMOS can be circumvented since the drive could be physically removed and accessed.

Ideally the system would check against the uuid of the flash drive first, then some other checks to ensure that the key is compared to the system, drive, OS, and passwords.

My theory is that if someone got my laptop and it was set up like that they couldn't access anything.

I recently talked to a programmer who claimed he could get into any computer, deposit a program that would allow spying, keylogging, etc, as well as replicate to anything attached, including usb drives. He said unless he input a password the 'program' couldn't be disabled or removed. All this from his iphone....

He mentioned w7 level encryption and access? Not sure what that means.

I suppose I would need a method to ensure that my laptop, both hardware and software are clean and stay clean before attempting the above setup.
I have heard of software that can be deposited into items like the eeprom of a cd/dvd burner for example.
I have also read that some rootkits can survive a reformat and reinstall.


Re: Laptop ignition key

Post by thegreatgazoo » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:21 pm

Here is a guide. It's a bit old, but it should still be doable. ... usb-device
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