Compiz - Look here How to re-enable old plugins.

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Compiz - Look here How to re-enable old plugins.

Postby raymerjacque » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:40 pm

I found this site that re-enables alot of old compiz addons that were removed with latest compiz in Mint 14

Im busy setting it up as i type this, so will report what i find working and what not. but from the comments on that page it seems alot are working so i think its a nice find for anyone that wants to re-enable old plugins for compiz :)

Seems it only adds a few extra plugins with version 9.

I can verify so far that the following plugins work ( ill update list as i test them ) :

Anaglyph - works perfectly.
Freely Transformable Windows - works perfectly
Throw Windows - works perfectly
MakuluLinux - The Big chief has spoken !.
check this out :

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