Installing LMDE into a Windows XP VB

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Installing LMDE into a Windows XP VB

Postby tlcmd » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:50 am

Let me apologize for driving y'all crazy with my attempts at solving my problems.
I have 2 programs which will not run on LMDE and there is apparently no easy solution to using VirtualBox to run them. My chief problem is running JRivers Media Jukebox in Linux or in a VirtualBox using Windows XP. I can install it and it runs in the VB and recognizes my USB external HDD, but will not recognize my dvd/cd drive to import new music. I've some 10k+ music files and I cannot find a good Jukebox that will run on LMDE and import my existing playlists..and I don't want to try to recreate new playlists in a new Jukebox program except as a last resort.

MY QUESTION: Has anyone run LMDE in a VirtualBox within Windows XP? If so, which VB did you use?

I prefer the LMDE OS, but do wish to run my Jukebox concurrently with LMDE? I believe I can do this if LMDE will run in a VB within Windows.

Thanks for any advice, help, and even snide comments.

tlcmd (aka Dick)

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Re: Installing LMDE into a Windows XP VB

Postby passerby » Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:36 am

It's just LM built directly on Debian, so I'd say run it in a Debian VM.
If you're only looking at XP for two programs, I think you should experiment with WINE/playonlinux a bit.
Using a VM for one or two programs (unless it's something like Visual Studio) seems like overkill.
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