Comments on Maya LTS installation

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Comments on Maya LTS installation

Postby JerryW » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:44 pm

I should start off with a big smiley face emoticon
Installed Mint 13 Maya long-term-support, 32-bit Cimmaron

1) What a delight it was to find that the [manual partition] installation left my home folder untouched. Maybe I was doing something wrong in my last install (Isadora 9) but this was pretty nice. I had backed up my home folder, main, and bookmarks. I guess I'll always backup these items, but in this case it wasn't necessary.

2) I had a heck of a time installing Evolution. It only "took" after I did an upgrade. Making it my default mail program caused a lot of HD activity, but all was well. When it came up, I didn't even have to perform a "restore", everything was there waiting for me.

3) Ditto with Firefox bookmarks.

4) It recognized my wireless router immediately.

5) Did not have any sound until I figured out the computer recognized my Revolution 5.1 aux audio card which was never the case in previous installs.

6) The new desktop will take some getting used to. I have some questions, which I'll submit in another note.

To the folks who put this together, "nice job!"

Jerry W
Warrenton, VA

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