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Mint so far

Postby tony275 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:46 pm

Hi all I've tried numerous linux distro's over the years and never quite found one that tastes right, Till now Mint well to be honest I am probably at that time in life where I have time to play with linux I'm windows forever type of guy wanting linux to be a cheap alternative but never lasting more than a couple of days before reverting back to windows in one of it's many incarations. pfft i'm babbling.
back to this century infact this weekend past, I had the previous weekend taken a look at live linux mint dvd " liking what I saw " I decided to install it to play around with it and see if we were compatable, Problem one I had in the past tried unbuntu which is supposed to be easy to install along side windows " in my finding it didn't bring the best out in either" so run it from a usb being able to save a lil to the flashdrive but it's not quite linux or cricket for that matter.
So an old samsung n150+ netbook which came installed with win7 starter with 1gb ram it ran like a pig, I reinstalled it with win xp and voilà it runs like a dream " one happy me " so do I format and risk it all for yet another distro which might make it to monday if it's lucky ? decisions decisions in the end I came up with and old 40gb external HD and with a bit of fiddling I managed to make it bootable and load it with linux mint. " I know i'm brilliant but more of that later ".
So lets play after day one we were besties me and mint that is, it plays nice no stupid seemingly impossible things to do like install and uninstall I found myself installing from the mint store then getting cocky I installed a few debian packages and also uninstalled a couple of them.
so as of now monday evening 7.48pm I really like mint I find it reasonably easy to find my way round Nice software and thank you to whoever made it.
well thats enough nice helpful friendly site btw i'll prolly be around quite often when I get stuck, untill then i'm off to play with my bestie.


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