Purposed "Windows Profile" for Mint

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Purposed "Windows Profile" for Mint

Postby CryVer » Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:28 pm

Following the development Windows is heading, Linux seems like the way to go for many Windows 7 users. Linux Mint seems like one of the best alternatives for users migrating from Windows. There are however some changes that could be made, that would make the switch even easier. As a Windows power user, keyboard shortcuts are the basis for working efficiently. Being able to use identical keyboard shortcuts in Mint as in Windows would be essential to me, and probably a bunch of other Windows users.
You may ask: “Why is this so important?” The answer: The shortcuts I use have been practiced for years and having to relearn new keyboard shortcuts (that does exactly the same thing), is simply not something I am willing to do (unless I absolutely have to, and I am probably not alone saying that). For example: I would like to the win key to open the start menu (equivalent), and “win + e” to open the Explorer equivalent (Nautilus or PCMANFM). Last time I looked it up, this was also hard to do manually.

This shortcut profile could be made the default one, but I figure that many long time Mint users would not find that suitable. Adding a “Windows Profile” in Settings would please both worlds, and would make it easy to enable shortcuts identical to Windows. Naturally I would also add some custom shortcuts, which of course still should be possible.

There are also some other changes that I would like to see made. The only one that I can recall at the moment is the following. It may already be possible to do, but I think it should be as easy as a single click to enable. In the default file manager (Nautilus?), I would like to be able to enable a type-able address bar, so that I could simply “Alt + D” to highlight it, and then just type the path. I think this should be by default (in the Windows Profile).
Like the address bar here (PCMANFM): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PCMan ... _0.9.3.png
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