Has Compiz with Emerald died?

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Has Compiz with Emerald died?

Postby pins » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:54 am

I had a read of this thread.....


Which talks about the fork of Compiz for Mate, however the thread seems to have died and the rumoured MatePiz doesn't seem to have appeared.

I realise you can install Compiz for Mate but frankly it's the windows decorations that Emerald controlled that made 'nix such a pleasure to use for me.

There are a few bits and pieces of half documents scattered around but they seem in some instances either incomplete or now out of date.

Does anyone have a fully working Compiz/Emerald setup under Mint Mate 14 x64? If so please could you point me at the docs you used to install or else could you do a howto yourself?

I'm loath to mess around with my setup if I can avoid it as I only have 1 available machine at the moment and it's a working production box rather then a dev box.

Thanks in advance.

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