need to reconnect to keep on working

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need to reconnect to keep on working

Postby agvares » Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:33 pm

my problem is fairly simple: sometimes my Wi-Fi connection just stops working (while all the indicators tell otherwise), so the only way to get it back is either reconnect, or turn off wi fi for several seconds.

after i've changed the default networmanager to Wicd, this issue began to annoy me less often, but can still come out of nowhere in the middle of my work.

so, what could I do to deal with it once and for all?

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Re: need to reconnect to keep on working

Postby bigj231 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:03 pm

Do you have a good strong network signal? My laptop often does the same thing in some of the classrooms on campus. I usually just toggle airplane mode to fix it.
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