Learner/Development Distro with a custom Achievement System

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Learner/Development Distro with a custom Achievement System

Postby Contingency » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:02 pm

Hello everyone,

I've recently been thinking a lot about a new Community Project. My idea is a new development distro. When I say this, you think "This has been done before", maybe so but not to this extreme. LinuxMint has grown quite rapidly do to its elegant look, and similar traits to Windows 7, thus making it easier for new users to switch over to Linux. As the world gets more technological, people are going to be trying to learn new skills, whether its html/css, java, C & C++, Python, Ruby, and the list goes on. For those who are new to this or simply lazy (Like myself) a fully ready development distro would be a dream, everything they need: prepared, setup, and ready for use right after the initial install.


At first install they will be presented with a menu to pick what they would be developing on so it can setup there build environment (Menu can be brought up later with a command if they switch or add)
Fully Custom Theme and Login
Conky is a must (Shows stats for the system, as well as will integrate with the build environments) For example: Your a web developer. It will show when your site is Online or Offline.
Tutorials for the different languages (Basically a starting guide for the language they wanna learn)
Later maybe turn it into a full distro capable of teaching a new user their way around linux and new programmers how to program, but doing so in a fun way such as an achievement system. They earn these achievements by completing simple tasks, getting harder as they progress. They will then be able to spend their points on my site which will unlock special hidden programs, privileges, hacks, etc. The possibilities are endless

These are only a few ideas I have. I'm currently looking for more developers to join me on this project. I am open to any and all new ideas. If you'd like to talk more i'm occasionally in the #linuxmint-help irc room or you can email me at blaque@blaqueallen.com

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