Mint13 newbie: can't get past boot screens

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Mint13 newbie: can't get past boot screens

Postby Repetes3 » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:26 pm

Very much a newbie to both linux and Mint and, I think, just falling down on a few issues that are preventing me from getting a working version onto my old laptop, an Acer Aspire 3003WLMI.

A few days ago, I had managed to put Mint 14 XFCE onto the machine, including installing wireless drivers relatively painlessly. However, the screen resolution was awful and, after reading numerous articles and trying my best to piece together suggested changes to settings, decided to start again with 32-bit Mint 13, again with XFCE. The iso was put onto a bootable USB drive via "Universal-USB-Installer-" on a Windows PC.

After many hours of reading, being thoroughly confused and eventually beaten, I'm hoping that the learned people here might take pity and take me through this in baby steps. I'm *sure* that I have somehow managed to install the OS (via compatibility mode, a 'b43.blacklist=Yes' setting change), but can't get past the boot screens now. Instead it leaves me with a long list of jargon and hangs until I do a hard shutdown.

I can get in by booting from the USB and repeating the b43.blacklist change - it looks really good, with the right resolution, perfect for my needs. I get the feeling that I'm not a million miles from having it work, just my ignorance of linux stopping me. If posting any information about hardware, system messages, etc. will be useful, I will certainly do so with guidance.

Grateful for any help! Sarah
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Re: Mint13 newbie: can't get past boot screens

Postby jungle_boy » Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:26 pm

Open a terminal and:

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inxi -N

Post here the output.

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