Couple gtk theme creation questions

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Couple gtk theme creation questions

Postby sjmcc » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:48 pm

I am currently working on a new Gtk3 theme and could use a little help from more experienced theme developers. There are a couple of sections within the theme that I can't figure out what they are controlling. They are the Selection Mode Classes section, GtkAssistant, .content-view, .dim-label, and suggested action button. If anyone could tell me what these are and maybe an example of an app that uses them so I can test how they look I would appreciate it.

The second problem I am having is fixing issues within a few particular applications. I know you can add app specific theme sections. How do you find the naming conventions for things within a particular app. For example in nemo you can use things such as NemoWindow. I just cannot figure out how to find the valid ones to use for specific apps.


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