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New Software Manager

Postby chenriques » Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:35 am

I'm still new to Mint but I love it.
There's just one thing that I think that can be much better: mintInstall (Software Manager)

1. Ubuntu Software Manager, in my opinion is a little better, and doesn't look so simple like mintInstall. I think a look like most "App Stores" is more pleasant, with large images, ranks, featured packages. mintInstall just needs a better "first page";
2. If I choose just the "Instaled Packages" view, it still shows the number of packages in each category of the available packages.
3. If a package has a score of more 4 digits or more, the last digit is cut off;
4. It could be possible to directly install\uninstall a package from the packages list, instead of opening one by one.
5. I don't now if this is possible, but list filters would be great like: most popular, most downloaded, etc.

Just some ideas I wanted to share :)

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Re: New Software Manager

Postby chiec » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:22 pm

I think it's a great idea!

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Re: New Software Manager

Postby Malsasa » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:47 am

My idea for new software manager:

Save downloaded debs in separate folders, according to the package installed. So when downloading Netbeans, it saves all dependencies into netbeans folder, Eclipse into eclipse folder, etc.

So we can copy just a folder and sudo dpkg -i *.deb in another computer (no need to download again).

It is simple. But if this feature impossible to implement, how about creating just plugin/addon that can do this in software manager? So users in slow internet country can save their bandwidth quota.

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Re: New Software Manager

Postby brmccarty » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:03 am

I usually use Synaptic Package Manager. You can make all your selections then click apply and go about doing other things that need to be done.
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