Using Net/Ultrabooks as e-readers.

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Using Net/Ultrabooks as e-readers.

Postby Wouter_db » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:59 am

Hello all,

When traveling by public transport I always see folks using e-readers to read books, and was wondering if I can also use my netbook as an e-reader and avoid to buy yet another gadget. Now wait, this may sounds like the dumbest question in the history of Humanity, since I can simply turn ON my netbook and open the e-pub/pdf/etc files and read them, but hear me out for a sec: :mrgreen:

Ideally I would like to select some kind of [Insert 'fictional e-book distro'] at boot which is barely an OS but simply:
-A super-ultra lightweight distro that boots or shuts down in a few seconds (literally).
- Uses barely any power, so I can read for many hours. And yes, why not use the suspend function of my laptop when booted in Win7/Mint for fast access? But that still has so much unnecessary stuff running that my battery will be dead in 4 hours (if lucky).
-Has only the bare essentials to open e-books, and nothing else (well, support some stuff like suspend, mouse function, basic window/file manager etc)
- Perhaps only use the HD to load the e-book, and then run solely from RAM, saving power, + making it 'bumps-in-the-road' friendly.

What I envision is opening my laptop and start or continue reading in seconds in between stops when no power outlet is available for a long time. Does such a distro exist, or can I 'undress' an existing lightweight distro. (Heck even XP undressed with Nlite might qualify).

Let's see, Thx.
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