why Linux fails

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why Linux fails

Postby Whiskyjoe » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:15 pm

ok guys, I am going to try my best not to start a flame war, but i am trying my best to love Linux mint 14 Cinnamon, so I can only use my windows experience here. So firstly, I have a number of drives in my machine, 2 SSD and the rest WD Sata, that was fine I found a program in windows that would allow me to erase a spare SSD and replace it with a swap file and the rest for Linux, problem solved, I then created a USB boot drive with lilo http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ to install mint 14 Cinnamon, no dramas there because I had already set aside my swap and home drive.

After installing keypass2, which I use under windows I moved on. next was my AMD drivers.

thank god for copy paste

http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu ... tion_Guide

OK got them installed, rebooted for good measure, (old windows habit) then I wanted steam, and not only did I want it, I wanted to game on my new Linux machine. so I installed a game called Champions of Regnum, figured it was free, and a good way to test Linux.

and so it begins, I can not for the life of me get it to run, sometimes I get to the sign in screen sometimes I don't. But it's steam FFS, so it should just work, work like it does under windows.

Don't get me wrong I want to love this new OS, although it took me a while to get it right, and I didn't understand all the sudo-apt get stuff. I could figure out what it meant, mind youI have built pc's since the 90's so it kind of made sense.

But for Linux to really become main stream, the community really needs to speak out.

I remember when i found Linux exciting, back in the days Compuwiz got launched, it was so different from windows, in so many ways it made it so refreshing, but cinnamon doesn't support it, where as MATE will, So windows went to windows 8, It suxs, I installed start8 and paid for it just because I missed my start button so much.

Which leads me to this point.

Linux is a great system. stop rainbows with it, Ubuntu Unity is unicorns, really really unicorns, Mint Cinnamon I like, but I also liked a lot of the old GNOMES and some KDE. Please, as a community make up your mind how you want it to look and feel and stick with it.

If you as a developer want evolve, that's fine, more than fine it is rewarded, but make it easy for people to go back. Sometimes. what we want are simple things, or things we know, make that easy for the end user, and I am sure the Linux community will grow for it.



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Re: why Linux fails

Postby cwsnyder » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:17 pm

Linux is choice, that is why there are literally dozens of desktop environments available, each supported by people who like that environment.

As far as running Steam on Mint, you would have to follow the guidelines for installing Steam on Ubuntu, and install the .deb file and PPA for updates, which you did not mention. As far as I am aware, this .deb file is for 32-bit only, which can also cause problems.
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Re: why Linux fails

Postby MALsPa » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:45 pm

Whiskyjoe wrote:Linux is a great system. stop rainbows with it, Ubuntu Unity is unicorns, really really unicorns

What's wrong with rainbows and unicorns? :lol:

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Re: why Linux fails

Postby catweazel » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:47 am

MALsPa wrote:What's wrong with ... unicorns? :lol:

Pink unicorns at that.
There is no spoon.

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Re: why Linux fails

Postby Monsta » Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:01 am

Would probably be a nice name for Ubuntu 14.10, for example, Ubiquitous Unicorn :D

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