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Run Mint Mate in Virtual

Postby whs » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:54 pm

I have uploaded a tutorial (as PDF) that describes the installation and handling of Linux Mint Mate (Nadia) to my Skydrive site. (!1847) It comes in 4 sections:

• A write-up with pictures describing how to install Mint Mate in VMware Player
• A video describing the basic setup of the Mint Mate OS
• A video describing how to install the VMware Tools in Mint Mate
• A video describing how to operate Mint Mate in the virtual partition

If that might interest you, go to my Skydrive site. With a PDF enabled browser (e.g. Chrome), double click on the Skydrive box and you can read it directly in the browser. Else, right click on the Skydrive box and download the PDF.

Note1: This tutorial is not intended for seasoned Mint veterans. It is intended to help Windows users to get an entry point to Linux.

Note2: I had to choose this route because the editor of this forum does not have all the facilities I need.

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