Mint 14 Shutdown Freeze

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Mint 14 Shutdown Freeze

Postby Kartright » Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:25 pm

Hi Community,

I've issued the following problem with my Sony Vaio VPCSB4M9E/B notebook:
I shutdown or want to restart, and I get a freeze/hang. I manually need to restart with pushing my On/Off button.
But it starts correctly and i can use LINUX.

Please help me! :|


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Re: Mint 14 Shutdown Freeze

Postby karlchen » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:36 pm

Hello, Kartright.

In order to analyze what is going on during shutdown:
  • When you want to shutdown do not use the Mint menu item.
  • Instead use <ctrl><alt><f1> in order to switch to pseudo console terminal no. 1.
  • Logon.
  • Run

    Code: Select all

    sudo shutdown -h now
    when asked to give your password, do so. The shutdown procedure will start and write status messages to the screen.

If it worked as designed the last message which you might be able to read would be something about "[power off]" and the same moment the screen would be switched off, same as the whole machine.

In your case, however, the expected behaviour is that the shutdown procedure will not be able to power off the screen and the machine. It would be really helpful to learn the last messages which are written to the screen before the machine stops doing anything (and you would normally press the power button).

The same steps as explained above can be used, too, for rebooting the machine. All you have to change is to launch

Code: Select all

sudo shutdown -r now
instead of

Code: Select all

sudo shutdown -h now

Kind regards,
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