The Boot-up in KDE

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The Boot-up in KDE

Postby wjni » Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:26 am

I tried to make a suggestion in 'Artwork' but foun d no NEW TOPIC, so I thought this might be the only other way to make a suggestion in Art work.

Boot-up is without doubt very, very boring to watch. Using something as old as the Kubuntu idea is totally uninspiring for the Top Of The Class Mint.
I have seen other bootup acreens that are somewhat better. May I suggest the following:-

A set of happy feet appear on the left hand side of the screen and dancing across the screen to disappear on the right after the booting has completed.
To make it more exciting, have a leprechaun (dressed in green of course) and either jumping fron mushroom to mushroom or even hiding behind the fungus
as he goes from left to right.

Trulty Clem the Kubuntu thing is terrible and the suggestion would fit into the picture of the current worlds best distro. That is KDE of course.
All the info in white unless there is a problem then it can be in yellow or red.

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Bill Nicholl

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