[Compiz] "Paint fire on screen" don't work!

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[Compiz] "Paint fire on screen" don't work!

Postby Txuy » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:38 pm

Hi, i'm newbie in linux, and this is my machine:

1 Gb ram, Amd sempro and GeForce 6100. Also i use Mint 14, mate version.

Well, i have compiz running, seems everything ok, i tried the 3d cube, water, windows and a few more. But "Paint fire on screen" seems not work, i pressed the keys/button to start. the screen "turn off the lights"(xD) but the fire is not drawn. I have already downloaded the plugins packs (extra, main, etc.), but i say: the fire no appears.

Please help me, i'm desperate, hungry, sick, my english is very bad, and... and "Paint fire on screen" don't work... xD


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