How to make your MDM theme

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How to make your MDM theme

Postby sujitnag » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:11 pm

Make your MDM theme

overview- 1) copy exsisting theme 2)rename it 3)modify bg.png and screen.jpg 4) rename .xml file, 5) modify .desktop file 6) compress folder 7) install it 8) logoff to see the effect.

1) Make a directory / folder under Home: $ mkdir mdmtheme

2)Goto the location /usr/share/mdm/themes and copy Arc-Noble

(note: you can copy any one)

3)past under your mdmtheme folder

4) Rename the Arc-Noble as my-theme

5) open my-theme (you will see few image file , one xml and a .desktop file)

6) you delete bg.png and screen.jpg


a) past your image under this dir,

b) open it with a image ediror.

c) save as it as
bg.png and screen.jpg

8)OPEN screen.jpg , main_box.png, text.png with GIMP [you may skip]

9) main_box.png, text.png use tool to copy and past on screen.jpg and save screen.jpg only. [you may skip]

(you can modify other image also)

10) Now rename Arc-GDM.xml as my-GDM.xml.

11) open GdmGreeterTheme.desktop

a) open gedit / other editor

b) then open GdmGreeterTheme.desktop

(Or $ gedit GdmGreeterTheme.desktop)



Description=Smooth looking login screen
Author=perfectska04, Daniel Fore.

Now change it


Description=Smooth looking login screen
Author=your name.

c) then Save

(don't use save As and after save check the file type .desktop only not .desktop.desktop)

12) compress my-theme folder as my-theme.tar.gz

(right click on folder then select compress from manu)

13) Install theme

a) open terminal and copy past

$ sudo mdmsetup
(enter root password)
(alt:- menu -> preference -> login window)

b)select local-> add -> file system-> home -> user name
(select the path where my-theme.tar.gz locate )

c) select my-theme.tar.gz and click install

Login Window .jpeg

14) Now you will see my -theme in the list below you select it.

15)see effect logoff your system.


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Level 3
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Re: How to make your MDM theme

Postby sujitnag » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:55 am

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so if you like or dislike comment on.

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