Not Waking Up from Hibernation

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Not Waking Up from Hibernation

Postby swagatopablo » Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:25 pm

Using Mint 13 Mate Desktop on Dell Precision T3500. I have the power management interface installed and try to hibernate through the command

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sudo pm hibernate -h now

Apparently, it seems to work and the screen turns off. But I can still hear the fan inside cabinet turning and the light in the front turned on to green. I can't figure out how to wake it up. Moving the mouse, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard doesn't work. If I press the button on the cabinet, it has a hard reboot and doesn't use the disk image (if any) to restore my session. So does it actually go to suspension rather than hibernate? I was under the impression that suspension is possible only with laptops. In any case, how to wake it up?

P. S. I have two drives sda and sdb and have a 10GB swap partition on sdb. Is that enough?
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Re: Not Waking Up from Hibernation

Postby kc1di » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:20 am

10 gb of swap should be enough.
There was a problem in Mint 13 /ubuntu 12.04 with Hibernate on some hardware so hibernate was turned off by default.
not sure what Version your using though. it may be that your hardware will not support hibernate with the Linux Kernel that
is installed.

here are a couple pages you may find informatitive:

I'm not sure if this was still an issue with Mint 14 or not :?:
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