Using Zram in LMDE (Liquorix kernel only I think).

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Using Zram in LMDE (Liquorix kernel only I think).

Postby xircon » Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:35 pm

Just found this, works well, my system definitely seems more responsive:
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Re: Using Zram in LMDE (Liquorix kernel only I think).

Postby misGnomer » Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:46 am

I believe adding support for Zram officially to Mint Debian would be a good thing. With Linux Mint 13 (based on buntu 12.04) and later it is a simple matter of installing the zram-config package which takes care of setting everything up.

It seems to work well with systems having 2 GB or less RAM and big boys like Google are maintaining it in the mainline kernel now.

The script in the crunchbang post above may or may not work with kernels 3.4 and later due to some parameter renaming and there is no way of making potentially necessary changes to the configuration without heavy user involvement. Also, the newer the kernel the better as the compression algorithm is said to have seen noticeable improvements as of late. (I realize it's not supported, but Liquorix 3.8.x works very well with LMDE here)

Is this something that needs to (eventually) trickle down the Debian mother-tree or could LMDE lead the way here?

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Re: Using Zram in LMDE (Liquorix kernel only I think).

Postby nunol » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:11 pm

You can use zram with any supported Mint edition except Mint 9 LTS, zram needs kernel or more recent.

Some Mint editions (started with Mint 11) used zram in live mode when there was less than 512MB of RAM available to speed up the installation, not require a pre-installed swap partition and reduce the RAM requirements.

Works well in computers with limited amounts of RAM or to avoid writing to the swap when it's in flash/SSD.

Besides SWAP, you can use the zram block to have any file system in RAM, compressed!

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