Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

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Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby revelationman » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:16 am

I was a Linux user before not hardcore, but in the last few years I have been sticking with Windows , my laptop has Windows 8 Icore 3 with 6 Gigs, so it runs fun, but early this year I was given a single core AMD 3200+ with 2 Gigs of Ram on it, it had Windows XP Home loaded . Anyway the desktop went into the closet and just sat there, and collected dust, so out of pure boredom I said I am going to install Linux.

I must admit I did look at Ubuntu I was a user before but I seen Unity and I really did not like, friends have mention Linux Mint, so I recently downloaded the lasted version 14. I was shocked at the speed of install , and it booted right up, and bangght on the net, the peformace was shocking this is a 9 year old system that is running a new OS and it's like it came alive again.

What I always loved about Linux is simplicity , the desktop is clean, and I believe this is were Windows 8 fails, I find Windows 8 clutterd , the funny this my friend is using the laptop now and I am using the desktop more, I am enjoing in that much.

There is still things to check so far Skype works though I have not test a web cam on it ,

I am telling many people do not throw out that old pc before installing Linux Mint

Good stuff, this is what system should be , clean , simple and most of all powerful

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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby Macmeister » Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:19 am

Well said, and I'm sure your experience is inline with that of many folk that give Mint 14 a try. These days Mint is the go-to distro for those who need an OS that will help them get things done, while Windows 8 and, dare I say it, Ubuntu's "Unity" environment, seem to offer simplified (dumbed down?) interfaces for more casual users.

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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby christoff522 » Wed May 01, 2013 10:51 am

I used to use Ubuntu, but I hate these new interfaces: Gnome3, Unity and Windows Metro are just awful. I can't for the life of my understand why they think a touchscreen interface on a desktop computer is in anyway useful. Anyway I have used Mint since v7, and am currently using the Maya LTS. I must admit I do get tempted to try new distros out (this used to be my obsession) but I always end up coming back to mint.

My favourite desktop of all time was Gnome 2, it was simple, yet elegant, and I think that mate is an excellent approximation. But I use cinammon now, and I love it. Knowing that its just going to get better and better. When LMDE becomes more polished, and the dependencies are more up to date I may head over there ( I have some programs that need newer libraries) forever, but for now, the LTS is pretty much everything I need!

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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby Antoon » Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:39 am

The same here.

I have little money to spend on pc's and other stuff, so I have a netbook working on XP and a tower on Win7.
Since the release of UBUNTU 6 I installed it several times. Good stuff, works better than Microsoft distributions, but I never took the decission to stay on Linux.
Laytely I saw a magazine talking about a match between UBUNTU and MINT. So why not take a look, I'm interessed in discovering new horizons.
Installing Mint on my netbook linked on a 15" screen.
And BANG, an explosion. Speed of installing, of opening, it was just amazing, still quicker than UBUNTU.
OK, this trucker takes his netbook (Samsung N-210) in his truck, watching videos, playing a bit, using graphics applications. No internet on the road, therefore I have my Samsung note-2 (G3). And for not traveling screens I have a 17 " screen in my truck.
Know that I also have a (hp LS 750) printer in my truck (Recycled from friends for free). So I was preparing myself on the use of the terminal to install all that stuff. Installing ? I tried just to see what MINT's gonna say connecting an other screen, but it swapped as if the other screen was the first screen. Using only the monitor and disconnecting the netbook screen ? Cinnamon does it in a few clicks.
Fine, just a bit of "apt" and "cups" to find to install that printer. Mint says that he found a printer ? And what more is it works ? whitout using the terminal. That's strange. Do I want this printer to be my default printer ? That must be a joke, no need to use the terminal.

I'm a user of opera on my Samsung note, and I read several times that Opera is a real quick browser, what is true on my note, so I installed it on my netbook working with MINT14 "Nadia". And those two are like married.

2 months now that I took that look at MINT, and since, no openings with XP, I even found some games that I like.
For GIMP, PICASA, and other open offices, that all works just fine and all at speeds that are simply fantastic.

Let me finish in the language of Molière, "Merci aux developpeurs, vraiment merci."

Janssens Antoon

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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby exploder » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:46 pm

My kid's are using a really old system and I have a spare machine with a single core processor, both these machines run on just about any distro I throw at them. My 8 and 4 year old boys are running Mint 14 Cinnamon on their computer and they love it! Linux uses far less resources than Windows does and these older computers feel just like brand new hardware.

I love reading stories like the ones in this thread! It is awesome hearing that someone has breathed new life into an old computer by discovering Linux. Linux Mint is one of the very best distributions for getting started with Linux too. Clem makes sure that everything is ready to go right out of the box so that new users have the very best first experience possible.

Ubuntu is not half bad either. Unity is well suited for people that are coming over to Linux from the MacOS. Both Cinnamon and Unity are being developed at a pretty fast rate! I have to give both these desktop environments credit where credit is due because each have taken their own direction and not just following the crowd. Don't get me wrong, I like quite a few desktop environments and window managers, they all exist for a reason and it is a lot of fun trying many of them.

I really enjoyed reading this thread and I hope more community members contribute to it! Most of my computers are older machines with the exception of my laptop. One of the things that got me started with Linux was the lack of funds to buy or build new computers. I fell in love with Linux years ago when my wife brought home a book from the public library. The book was "Point And Click Linux", the book had a Simply Mepis CD in it. I had Mepis installed before I was even half way through reading the book! Everything worked and I was amazed by how different it was from Windows! The computer I installed Mepis on was built out of other peoples discarded computer parts. I had to splice connectors on the case wiring to be able to use the case lights and buttons, cut out the opening to make the power supply I had fit and the graphics card was an old S3 card that someone had thrown away! This total pile of junk computer ran like a brand new machine with Linux installed. I have been a Linux user ever since!

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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby Orbmiser » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:59 pm

Yep always enjoy stories of Bringing Back to Life with Linux on older hardware.

We have a nationally known non-profit called Free Geek.
Free Geek refurbishes technology to provide computers, education and job skills in exchange for community service.

Since all donated computers go thru inspection and Hardrives are wiped to DoD standards then Linux is installed as default OS.
They also give classes on using and you can volunteer and work so many hours to receive a free computer.
Even has a store for many older parts that you can pick up for cheap.
The FreekBox runs the Xubuntu operating system (a variant, or distribution, of GNU/Linux), with the Gnome desktop environment. FreekBoxen also come with, a full-featured suite of office software including a word processor, spreadsheet, and other programs.


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Re: Very Happy with Linxu Mint 14

Postby Nilla Wafer » Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:27 pm

My old computer was literally rescued from the landfill by Linux Mint (Xfce 13 edition). It sings happily and at faster speed on Mint than it did on Windows XP fresh from the factory! No need for antivirus or special tools or to fix it. I'm so grateful!


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