LMDE install disk and Ivy Bridge

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LMDE install disk and Ivy Bridge

Postby kd5ob » Fri May 17, 2013 12:16 am

Well,,, it's been a long year. Since July of last year we have been trying to figure ways out to make Wheezy, Crunchbang and even LMDE work on Ivy Bridge.
And in the last month before Wheezy was released, they finally patched the kernel so it does run without locking up. And consequently, Crunchbang install ISO's
were rebuilt as well, with this new kernel and it works on Ivy Bridge also.

But, unfortunately, LMDE's last .ISO spin was done in March and has the old kernel in it. And it locks up my Ivy Bridge machine in under 5 minutes.
Well, I figure they will eventually build another one in the future. But when they do, I would love to see it support RAID and LVM and Encryption as
the Wheezy and Crunchbang install ISO's do. That would be nice and bring LMDE up to the same level as they are. I have no serious complaints about LMDE as
a distribution as I'm running it on an older machine here. It's quite nice!!!!

I've also heard over at Aptosid and Siduction sites that Debian will soon put the 3.8 kernel in Sid. And when that happens, perhaps LMDE next install ISO will
be based on that kernel instead... I don't know how long that will take or when we will see it. But for now, I'm running CrunchBang..

But I long for the day I can put LMDE on my new laptop. And also have LVM and Encryption support. That would put LMDE on the same playing field as everyone else.

I'm also somewhat worried about the impact of MIR and this package change going on with Ubuntu. I don't Ubuntu's system and I felt it poisoned Linux Mint 14.
Their change in package managers will cause the PPA systems in CrunchBang and LMDE to quit working for Netflix I'm afraid.
I sincerely hope we beef up LMDE and make that the premier Cinnamon distribution. LMDE does run so much better...

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