<SOLVED> Info For "Notes" In "Properties", LMDE 201303 MATE

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<SOLVED> Info For "Notes" In "Properties", LMDE 201303 MATE

Postby DrDeaf » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:01 pm

I am a Linux "Newbie" but since I use only a LiveDVD boot and this is not a general question, this should be a better Forum. (I hope)

I have tried other 64 bit distros searching for a way to recreate the Extended Attributes feature of the OS/2 Warp WPS "Comments" attribute. Necessarily, as it was done in HPFS, not FAT.

I just tried LMDE 201303 and discovered the "Notes" tab which looked promising. I tested with a SD card formatted in XFS, a LMDE compatible and EA capable file system. Files on the card and then attached with "Notes" seemed to work OK. The media could be removed and remounted with the "Notes" remaining intact.

However, the changes did not survive a shutdown and reboot. The "Notes" disappeared.

My search of the Forums turned up nothing and I can't find technical documentation which would be helpful. I looked at "Cinnamon" 64bit and Debian 7.0.0 Live 64 but neither of these showed "Notes" abilities at all.

Details of my environment are: Recent manufacture 64bit notebook with 16GB RAM. No HD or SSD. I boot "Live" only and prefer to load completely to RAM (as in Knoppix "toram" option) for speed and to remove the external optical drive.

All file storage is to removable SD cards or USB portable drives. I travel, but when I can I plan to build a NAS and I want the EA capability as above.

Any help to achieve this will be truly appreciated! :D
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Re: Info For "Notes" Tab In "Properties", LMDE 201303 MATE 6

Postby DrHu » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:21 pm

I don't get it, OS2 wps (workplace shell) is not available as a Linux or other OS equivalent
--I would just get used to Linux methods, although you might be able to read HPFS data if you need to get back some older info (from OS2 Warp version xx ?)

HPFS + Linux..
http://www.tldp.org/FAQ/Linux-FAQ/parti ... s-os2-hpfs

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