USB3 Flash drive ornership changed on removal and reinsertio

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USB3 Flash drive ornership changed on removal and reinsertio

Postby vajohn1308 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:37 pm

I have a Lenovo T430 that has mint 15 64bit installed. Every time i inset any usb3 flash drive and reformat it, when it is removed and then reinserted it's ownership is changed from my root group user name back to root alone. This is very annoying and i would like to know how i can stop this from constantly happening.

Also upon reinserting the flash drive it is seen as both in /media and i also get a message that the drive is also mounted as usb0 . So it is seen in two places. I f possible I would like to correct this error as well

FYI please be advised that i have used linux in the past but am still what i consider a novice at it. ..

Thanks very much


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Re: USB3 Flash drive ornership changed on removal and reinse

Postby cwsnyder » Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:45 am

First, Mint has no way of knowing who owned the flash drive the last time it was inserted. You would have to tell it when you mount the drive. When the drive is first plugged in, it is given the device name of /dev/usb0. That device name can't usually be used to access the drive, but is usually used to mount the drive in the file system. If it also shows up in the /media/ folder, that is because you have chosen to auto-mount any USB drive in your /etc/fstab configuration file with a mountpoint in the /media folder.
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