CanoScan LIDE 210 not resetting to top with xsane

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CanoScan LIDE 210 not resetting to top with xsane

Postby joeyoung » Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:05 pm

I've recently started using linux mint debian amd 64 and the canon LIDE 210 scanner seems to be supported in xsane currently available (rev 0.998) and indeed it does respond properly to the 'scan' and/or 'preview' buttons. However, after a scan, it leaves the scanner head at the bottom, and if you attempt a second scan the head is driven against the stop. Quitting xsane and restarting it will restore the head to the top (a sort of work-around). The 'simple scan' program does not have this problem--it works perfectly (except that it doesn't have the features that xsane does). I've browsed various fora, and the xsane documentation and project website (where it states the LIDE 210 is fully supported). I've tried re-installing xsane--no difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sept 30/12
While attempting to produce a work-around by using a suitably-optioned command line to scanimage, I discovered that adding the (backend) option --swcrop=yes causes scanimage to also fail to return the scanner head. Removing the 'Software crop' selection in xsane's advanced options page also restores xsane to normal operation.

So I still don't really know why the crop feature should cause this fault, it is NOT an xsane problem.

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Re: CanoScan LIDE 210 not resetting to top with xsane

Postby Magnificent 7 » Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:30 pm

Just registered and logged on to thank Joe Young for this tip, that's saved me hours and potentially days faffing around looking for a solution.

I also had the scan head failing to return to the parked position, in Ubuntu 12.04LTS as it happened. Having just upgraded all the way from 10.10 I was expecting some fun and games and things to break, and given the drama it had been to get my LiDE 210 to work in 10.10 Maverick Meerkat the scanner was one of the things I didn't expect to survive the upgrade unscathed.

In my case it wasn't the software crop (which was actually turned off in the Xsane advanced page) it was software despeckle that was the culprit. Given the dot size for despeckle was set to 1 it wasn't doing anything anyway, and turning it off resulted in the scan head returning beautifully to the parked position after a scan.

Once again, thanks (mighty) Joe Young :)

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