What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

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What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by Distro-Don »

Aging Technogeek wrote:The problem with your suggestion is that not all Mint users would want the apps you list. I, for one never use any of the four and would need to go to the extra effort of uninstalling all four along with the stuff I uninstall now.

Most people who make suggestions about how to make Mint better really mean "This is what I would need to make Mint perfect for me."

It makes little difference anyway since the software list is determined by the development team in accordance with clem's outline of the direction in which he would like Mint to grow. User suggestions may be considered especially if there is a great deal of support evident, but no app will be added without being approved by the dev team and, of course, clem has the deciding vote.
What stuff do you uninstall now? The reason I ask is that I would like to make Mint lighter but don't know what to delete without breaking in.

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Re: My suggestions to make LM better!

Post by Aging Technogeek »

First thing I do after any new installation is get rid of the apps I don't need or use.

Brasero (replace with K3b)
Gimp (if installed) and any other high memory graphics packages.
Any music player other than Rhythmbox (install Rhythmbox if needed)

These are the main ones I always uninstall. There are others that I uninstall sometimes, depending on the distro and version. I will not list these. Most can be inferred from the list. I don't list them because the list would be quite long and many of the items are not installed on many OS.

Uninstalling Brasero and installing K3b actually makes the OS quite a bit heavier since K3b brings along a mass of KDE dependencies, but I prefer K3b to Brasero.

I have not noticed any improvement in operating speed due to these removals, but then I do not remove them for that purpose. I remove most of the listed apps because I don't use them and the tend to have quite a few updates. Removing these packages reduces the updates required and increases update speed.
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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by xenopeek »

Posts split from http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=142923 and moved here. Let's not clutter somebody's suggestion with other discussions :wink:

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by Snapcase »

For KDE. (for me it's only KDE or Xfce, no Gnome or Gnome forks do it for me)

Get rid of all the chat apps, Kmail, Kaddress, etc... Games (if any, thankfully Mint excluded them), Rekonq (still too green), Konqueror (not needed anymore), Amarok, Abiword (if present)...

Get Chromium (prefer Firefox, but nice to have it), KTorrent (if not present), Thunderbird, Gparted (still the best), Bleachbit, BootUp-Manager, Preload, Clementine, VLC (though it's included in most distros, thankfully), Yakuake, KeePassX. Usually Audacious, Audacity, WinFF and SoundKonverter too, at least for my own PCs.

This is what I do for every KDE install. Then, depending on my (or my relatives, or my friends) needs, I select additional software for specific tasks.

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by fraxinus_63 »

After installing MATE, I get rid of Zeitgeist. Doing this seems to speed up file manager performance and desktop rendering on startup ...

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by DrHu »

Services I don't need running and applications I don't intend to use
--for example, I may stick to one graphic program, rather than have 2 or 3 available: although experimenting with different apps can sometimes be helpful, just to see how the developers choose to work it

However, I won't become expert without sticking and learning as completely as possible one application.
--examples might be gimp(graphics) and blender (3D)

I have since been playing with Google sketchup, since I noticed the @last software package(Google bought them out..)
--even if it is wine based (internally), the package is complete on install (with wine included)

If its a perfromance issue, and apart from getting rid of what I consider crud and using a simpler desktop, eg xfce or lxde, I don't worry much about startup/shutdown or desktop time to appear for logins..
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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by MtnDewManiac »

Distro-Don wrote:What stuff do you uninstall now?
First thing I uninstall after installing Mint onto a computer is Microsoft Windows. Everything else is optional.

Mint 18 Xfce 4.12.

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by Dyfi »

@MDM - Good answer!

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by MALsPa »

With any distro I use, I don't normally uninstall anything after installation. I might turn some things off, and I might install something light like Openbox to use sometimes. Some years back, I had a notebook that was quite sluggish with Kubuntu's KDE (and this was the old KDE3!). I simply added Fluxbox and used that instead, and that solved the problem, things were quick and snappy even if I was using KDE apps in Fluxbox. So these days I still like to use Openbox or Fluxbox with KDE distros, sometimes.


Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by nomko »

After installation, the first thing I do is update Mint!!! Secondly, I install the NVidia driver and after that I remove the following packages:

Brasero (too buggy and prone for crashes) which will be replaced with K3B.
Desktop sharing
Xchat (IRC chat)
mplayer/gnome-player (I use Vlc for all video's/music)
mintstick (and other equal tools)

And some other stuff I don't need, mostly language packages.

I keep Firefox but use Google Chrome as default browser

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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by catweazel »

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get purge unity-lens* zeitgeist-core zeitgeist-datahub zeitgeist-fts* python-zeitgeist libqzeitgeist0 libzeitgeist0.8-cil lightdm* kmail kopete quassel akregator ktorrent kget kppp kvpnc digikam rhythmbox amarok kaffeine kontact kaddressbook mintnanny bluedevil kmag knotes kdeplasma-addons ksplash-theme-mint-kde
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Re: What stuff do you uninstall after installation?

Post by cortman »

With Mint XFCE 13, nothing. My current Mint usage is a bit of an experiment for me; I love tinkering with computers but it comes at the expense of a lot of other (more worthy pursuits)- therefore I am using a completely stock Mint.
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