Linux 3.11 kswapd0 high CPU usage/freezes machine.

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Linux 3.11 kswapd0 high CPU usage/freezes machine.

Postby leonbnu » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:28 pm

not sure where to ask, so i will just ask it here.

I am running LMDE in virtualbox 4.3.2, and I have been using liquorix kernel. After I installed 3.11, whenever I started building the index in Eclipse for a large C project(~3G, usually it takes ~2hrs to build), I observed that kswapd0 will run at 100% and freezes my VM, and at same time not much disk IO happening. This usually happens after linux starts swapping(not immediately though). I have 8G swap space, and usually happens when ~200M used.

Then I switched back to 3.10, this problem is gone, and I also observed that linux never tried to use swap space when I do the same task(building the index in Eclipse).

I have changed vm.swappiness, but it doesnt seem to delay the swapping from happening.

Can someone give some pointers about what might be wrong?


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