How to Resize desktop icons?

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How to Resize desktop icons?

Post by yurvol »

Is there a way to resize all your desktop icons at once? (Mint 16)

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Re: How to Resize desktop icons?

Post by lexington523 »

open file manager
click the "edit" menu and then select "preferences"
set the "icon view defaults" larger or smaller than 100%
this will set all the icon sizes on your desktop at the same time.

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Re: How to Resize desktop icons?

Post by ichido »

I'm not sure why the File Manager's settings control the Desktop Icons, but Thanks for your answer!
It worked :D
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Re: How to Resize desktop icons?

Post by nerdtron »

As log as I remember that is how gnome works. The file manager controls the desktop. I think the desktop is treated just like a regular folder window, only it's the desktop. :D
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