Firefox/ Google - Why should this happen at all?

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Firefox/ Google - Why should this happen at all?

Post by tpprynn »

I'm not even thinking this is necessarily to do with Firefox, but it's pretty annoying.

I'm in a library right now trying to save one web page to my Documents folder, as I have been doing recently, to save my Mobile Broadband credit. After a few bytes in the bottom left corner it says 'connecting to'.

I sold my Android tablet, I stopped using the Google search engine, I shut my Gmail account and all related Google tentacles, I sometimes, but almost never, use Chromium to have the Chrome experience in a second browser without the Google Chrome impositions, I have AdBlock installed. I'm using firefox 26 inside Linux mint KDE 16 64 bit, which happily has Google removed from the list of search engines top right. Why is Google still sticking its oar in? The site I was using was the English newspaper The Guardian's website, this page specifically on this occasion: ... f-comments

Could be The Guardian's fault even or something its site designer has used.

This is not intended as a moan about Linux, Mint, or Mozilla really. I'm just interested, and a little bit annoyed at Google's ubiquity even after I make certain efforts to get rid of it, for both pre- and post-NSA reasons.
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Re: Firefox/ Google - Why should this happen at all?

Post by bjornmu »

This has nothing to do with you, there are a few elements on that page which link to and if you save as "Web page, complete" which you need in order to read it offline, it may have to go get something from google. Nothing you can do to avoid that.
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Re: Firefox/ Google - Why should this happen at all?

Post by Tejas_0 »

Try FF addon SilentBlock, if can manage regular expressions, Used the most elementary expression to block pre NSA, Google talk and basically anything intrusive of google and YT :twisted:

Incidentally about:compartments is also a good place to track down these scripts.
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